About Rohr Racing                Rohr Racing has been around since 1979 competing in sportscar racing at the amateur  and professional level with the Sports Car Club of America.  During that time, Rohr Racing has competed in various Showroom Stock, Production, Touring and GT classes with Terry


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Rohr as the owner and driver.

With the design and construction of the Rohr R01 Daytona Prototype, Rohr Racing is headed in a new direction in its racing endeavors.  Instead of competing as a race team, it will focus on the design and construction of the Rohr R01.

The owner of Rohr Racing, Terry Rohr, has had visions of designing and constructing his own race cars for many years.  Rohr, an aerospace engineer, has worked in the aerospace industry for over 28 years and competed as a driver for over 40 years, starting in karts and then moving on to compete in sportscars. 

When Grand American announced its plans for the new Daytona Prototype series in 2002, Rohr Racing immediately started working on chassis and body plans for this exciting new series.  Chassis plans were submitted and approved by Grand American in October 2002 and the body plans were approved in February 2003. 

Construction began in February 2003 and continued until March of 2004 when Grand American dropped Rohr Racing from the list of constructors.  Grand American announced that any constructor that did not have a car completed was no longer eligible to build Daytona Prototypes.  Rohr Racing's appeal to Grand American to allow them to continue building the Dayton Prototype was denied.

This was a devastating setback to Rohr Racing.  After thousands of hours of work and tens of thousands of dollars were spent on the design and construction, the Rohr RO1 Daytona Prototype construction was halted.

In November 2006 Grand American announced that Sabre Innovations was approved as a new constructor commencing with the 2008 season.  Sabre had been another original constructor with chassis and body plans approve back in 2003 and had also been dropped due to not having a completed car by March 2004.  After several letters to Grand American to allow Rohr Racing back into the constructor list, Rohr Racing was finally notified in March 2007 that they would be allowed to resubmit body and chassis plans for the 2008-2012 seasons.

Rohr Racing has been notified by Grand American that it has been approved as a constructor for the 2008 through 2012 racing seasons.  Final approval was granted on January 17, 2008 and Rohr Racing is now actively pursuing financial backing. 

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